Boyorojang – Stories Of The Refugee Movement | A Olfactive Journey

The aim for this project is to create a thought provoking social campaign to raise awareness amongst affluent individuals by releasing it as a bespoked luxury product. These books should allow the reader to identify with the situation and empathize with a refugee’s journey. Each book represents a step in the search for a better life and each of these steps are humanized and translated into a specific scent that represents it.

As scents are direct connections to emotions and affect us both directly and subliminally, I intend to use this format to engage people to experience a refugee’s journey and reflect on it by fully embracing the scent that represents each stage. This medium, while commercial in nature, is now infused with meaning and emotion. The product’s purpose to be an aid. To help the public recognize and empathize from a different angle. A unique angle. 

I then hope that the public will infer on their own, their take on this olfactive journey. It is not always the splashiest ideas but the simplest ones that can best tell a story, and even if this project just sparks a conversation, well then, that is a worthy start.

The 6 books measure to exactly 12 square meters of black and white paper pages. 6 square meters of living space. 6 square meters where a human, a refugee will spend his time wondering, seeking, and praying for deliverance and asylum.